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The Wake Application

Personal Information
Name: Angi
Age: 20
Personal LJ: angik20
Email / AIM / MSN:
Current Character(s): None
Character Information
Character Name: Kirby
Fandom: Kirby

Character History:
Kirby goes on his first adventure to get back all of the food and the Sparkling Stars the greedy King Dedede stole from the Dreamlanders. Along the way, he defeats enemies like Whispy Woods, Lololo and Lalala, Kaboola, and Kracko, using his inhaling abilities and special powerups. When he reaches Mount Dedede, he defeats King Dedede and blows him out of his castle. Then, Kirby super-expands himself, and lifts and carries the castle over Dream Land, letting all the food drop back to the people.
Kirby then investigates why the citizens are no longer able to dream. When he gets to the Fountain of Dreams, the provider of all of the peoples' dreams, he then finds King Dedede in the waters of the fountain. The Star Rod, the energy source of the Fountain of Dreams, has been broken in seven pieces and hidden in various places by Dedede's friends and himself. He travels through these seven areas to fight enemies that stand in his way, one (more of a rival) being Meta Knight whose minions fight Kirby more than once, and collects all the pieces of the Star Rod. After he fixes the rod, he places it back on the fountain, releasing the evil sealed within. It turns out that a dark shadow called Nightmare had corrupted the Fountain of Dreams, and Dedede only broke the Star Rod to protect Dream Land. Dedede then sucks up both Kirby and the rod and shoots them toward Nightmare as it flew off to space. Kirby defeats Nightmare using the Star Rod, and saves Dream Land again.
Another incident involves an evil shadow/blob-like entity, called Dark Matter, stealing island bridges around Kirby's home. With the help of his animal friends, some of these are a hamster, an owl, and a fish, Kirby sets off to find rainbow drop-shaped pieces of a powerful sword, again fighting enemies in his way. One of these, right before Dark Matter himself, is Dedede posessed by the evil blob shadow. After defeating Dark Matter, Kirby uses the Rainbow Sword to create a new rainbow that returned everything to normal again.
Dark Matter returns to create more chaos, scattering small clouds, cluttering and darkening the sky. With help from Gooey, a good piece of dark matter, Kirby leaves his fishing spot to find heart stars scattered throughout Dream Land. After fighting enemies in his way, yet again, Kirby finds that Dark Matter has a pure evil core, simply called Zero. Kirby then kills Zero with his collected heart power.
Kirby was relaxing one day, when a fairy called Ribbon ran right into him. After she tells him of Dark Matter's second return, and of the shattering of the Ripple Star's crystal, its pieces scattering across the solar system, Kirby decides to help her recover the shards. He encounters enemies along the way and goes on to defeat them, three being posessed Waddle Dee, Adeline, and Dedede. After breaking them free of the posession, they also help find the shards. Then, when he finally fixes the crystal into a gun, Kirby, with Ribbon's support, faces off with a revived Zero Squared. After destroying Zero and Dark Matter again, all peace is restored.
A massive bird called Dynablade was disturbing Dream Land's crops, so Kirby tried to stop her. It turns out that she just wants to take care of her chicks, so Kirby helps her out.Kirby then goes venturing in a forest and falls into a pit, discovering that said pit was actually a part of a huge dungeon maze-like cave, with treasure in every corner. He then collects all the treasure and finds a way to escape.
Meta Knight attempts a coup to take Dream Land's power. Kirby flies off to stop him by destroying his ship, the Halberd. Kirby fights Meta Knight's minions in his way, rips apart the ship before saving some Wheelies and destroying the reactor core. Kirby then escapes the ship as it plummets out of the sky on one of the rescued Wheelies, and they ride off into the sunset.
After the sun and moon have started fighting, a person the size of Kirby named Marx, while bouncing on a ball, asks for Kirby to travel to different planets, collect special stars from them to make a wish to a comet, NOVA, for the sun and moon to stop fighting. After defeating enemies in his way, again, and collecting all the stars, he reaches NOVA and is about to make his wish, when all of a sudden, Marx shoves Kirby out of the way to wish for control of Pop Star. Marx reveals that the whole thing was his plot, that he got the sun and moon to fight, and that he got Kirby into space. However, the stars surround Kirby and transform into a charriot Kirby uses to take down NOVA and Marx, After defeat, Marx flies into NOVA and they both explode.
Kirby was enjoying another seemingly normal day, when all of a sudden Meta Knight appeared out of nowhere and slashed Kirby into four seperate entities. As Meta Knight flew off into a mirror above Dream Land, the four Kirbies hopped on a Warp Star and chased him into the Mirror World. When in the Mirror World, the four Kirbies discover a broken mirror in the center plaza. Figuring that something important was behind the broken mirror, they tracked down the missing pieces, fightng enemies in their way, one of which was a Shadow Kirby, who was more friendly than the rest. After getting all the pieces, the four Kirbies find out that behind the mirror, a shadowy Dark Meta Knight has taken the real Meta Knight prisoner. when the Kirbies defeat dark Meta Knight, they challenge the scourge of the Mirror World, Dark Mind. The day is once again saved after Dark Mind's defeat, the pink Kirby and real Meta Knight go home, and it is assumed the other three Kirbies stay in the Mirror World with Shadow Kirby.
When an evil paint witch, Drawcia, turns Kirby's world into surreal abstract art, and Kirby himself into a limbless ball, he goes after her into her own world of paint with the help of a magic paintbrush. The paintbrush allowed him different powers, like when the brush taps him, he uses a dash attack against enemies in his way, and the brush draws bridges for him to cross and walls to protect him from enemies' projectiles. Along the way, Kirby is challenged to minigames, like copy Paint Roller's drawing, a cart race against Dedede, and block destroying ala Breakout against Kracko. After defeating the evil witch, she gets sealed back into her painting. The paintbrush then drew a portal for Kirby to return home, and disintegrated into light. Kirby then awoke in a normal Dream Land, as a rainbow appeared in the sky. It is assumed to be a gift from the paintbrush.
During Kirby's favorite time of day, snack time, his strawberry shortcake was stolen from him. Assuming it was the work of King Dedede, he makes his way to Dedede Castle, defeating enemies in his path, once again. However, when Kirby arrived at the castle, it turns out that it wasn't Dedede who stole his cake, but a gang of thieving mice known as the Squeak Squad. They take off with a treasure chest, with the assumed stolen cake inside. He chases after them across Dream Land, having fights with the various members, until he reaches an icy castle, when the leader of the Squeaks, Daroach, was about to open the chest, believing that it contained ultimate power. Suddenly, Meta Knight appeared out of nowhere and takes the chest from Daroach. Kirby runs after Meta Knight toward the Halberd, which was somehow rebuilt, and fights him in a duel. After defeating Meta Knight, Daroach appears out of nowhere, takes the chest again, and opens it. What is really in the chest wasn't power or Kirby's cake, but an evil star-shaped being called Dark Nebula, who then posesses Daroach. Kirby then goes on to beat Daroach again and then Dark Nebula. Sometime after Kirby destroys evil once again, the Squeak Squad apologise to him for stealing the strawberry shortcake and return it to him.
When Kirby finds a tomato and proceeds to eat it, a warlock called Yin-Yarn sucks him in a sock and transports him to a patchwork cloth world, called Patch Land. In the cloth world, Kirby discovers that his body has transformed completely into yarn. After saving a blue yarn boy with big eyebrows, Prince Fluff, from a monster using new transformation powers, Kirby then helps the prince recover pieces of magic yarn to stitch back together the patchwork world torn apart by Yin-Yarn. Kirby uses his yarn whip to defeat enemies in his way, these include the captured Dedede and Meta Knight. and gathers all of the magic yarn and fixes up Patch Land with Prince Fluff's help. He also helps out an owner of an apartment complex in the plaza by Fluff's castle and the new tenants by finding decorations for them to use. However, when Kirby, along with Meta Knight, Dedede and Prince Fluff returned to Dream Land via the second sock, Yin-Yarn had already taken over, and now everything was patchwork cloth, like in Patch Land. After defeating Yin-Yarn, Dream Land went back to its normal state, yet again. Prince Fluff returned to Patch Land, but gave Kirby the magic sock so he can visit at any time.
Character Personality: Kirby is cute, cheerful, innocent, and has a positive attitude and helps to save Dream Land by using his powers. His age and species are never stated in canon, though he's been called a little boy in the Kirby's Dream Land manual and a pretty jolly guy in Kirby Super Star. One of the most common names for Kirby's kind is 'puffball,' referring to the soft, round appearance. He also has a high-pitched voice.
Kirby loves eating, sleeping, coloring, and playing. His favorite food is tomatoes, and he dislikes caterpillars. Kirby also likes singing, even though he's tone-deaf, and dancing, he dances a cute victory dance at the end of the stages and levels in the games. Kirby also tends to act on impulse, like when he accused Dedede of stealing the Star Rod from the fountain of Dreams, and leaves to get the pieces back without letting Dedede explain himself.
Kirby rarely speaks in-game. His dialouge is largely limited to appearances in the instruction manuals, brief comments, such as "Hi!," and short descriptions of the functions of his Copy Abilities. He does sometimes say the names of his special attacks and certain foods and sometimes repeats other words that he hears.
Kirby's main attack is sucking in enemies, his mouth and body expand to inhale enemies larger than himself, and swallowing them, or spitting them out as star-shaped projectiles. When he swallows certain enemies, they would give him their powers and alter his appearance slightly, like giving him a special hat or headdress, with a weapon depending on the ability. These are called Copy Abilities.
Kirby can also suck in air to make himself more buoyant, like a baloon, flying slowly by flapping his arms. He can attack enemies by quickly exhaling a puff of air. This technique is known as the air gun.
However, in Kirby's Epic Yarn, he couldn't inhale, as the air went through him. He did, however, have a yarn whip to grab enemies and turn them into yarn balls, which he can throw at other foes, attach to buttons, move zippers and more. He could also transform himself into a car, a UFO, a giant machine, and other forms in Patch Land.
When Kirby was transformed into a ball, he couldn't inhale either. He instead copied powers by dashing into powered foes.
In the games where Kirby couldn't copy powers, as in Kirby's Dream Land and Milky Way Wishes, he used power-ups that acted like the Fire Ability or an infinite air puff gun in Kirby's Dream Land, or found essences with the ability to use whenever he wanted in Milky Way Wishes.
First person:
I rode on my Warpstar.
I collected stuff.
I broke open blocks too.
Then I won a race.
Racing is fun!
Third Person:
On a bright and sunny day, Kirby was happily taking a walk in the field between the forest and his house, admiring the variety of flowers that grew beside the forest. All of a sudden, there was a very bright sphere of light that flashed brilliantly below the sun across the daylight sky in a diagonal direction. It was as if it was a shooting star in the night sky. The strange sphere then crashed down into a cliff that was curved above a deep canyon. After watching the sphere fall, Kirby ran off towards the direction of the crash. He ran straight through the forest, dashing around trees of varying sizes, ducked under branches, and hopped over fallen logs and tree stumps in his way until he reached where the sphere crash landed. When he reached where the sphere crash was located, he found that it was actually a space ship. It was shaped like a sphere and silver in color. It had a round oval door that was a very light blue color and an opaque, grey egg-shaped window. The other windows that wrap around on the circumference of the ship were also opaque grey egg-shapes, but a bit larger than the door's window. The ship door opened and swung right above the ship. Inside was a dark greyish blue, almost black blob with big eyes and small spacey pupils, and a long tounge sticking out. As soon as it plopped out of the ship, Kirby gave a big smile.
"Gooey!" Kirby cried out in glee, "Where ya been?"
Gooey made a noise that sounded like a cheery "schlorp" and hopped up and down a couple of times in response. Kirby glomped on Gooey and gave the blob a big hug. Gooey wanted to hug back, but had no limbs.

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